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Designing for Tranquillity: Incorporating Moss Art and Biophilic Decor

In an era where velocity, productivity and maximization have become the guiding stars to reach a “dream life”, we know that they only lead to a dysfunctional lifestyle that drains our body and emotions into stress and health issues.

meditation in the woods

To function properly our mind and body need moments of calm and slow down through relaxation, meditation, body stretching and mind-emptying… Moments of stillness and tranquillity that make us connect with ourselves again, regain our strengths and thrive through the challenges of everyday life.

The environment in which we can achieve those moments is vital for its effectiveness. Can you imagine being able to relax and destress in a cube of cement? I wouldn’t.

Evidence-based studies on the effects of biophilic design showed how the environment in which we live affects our mental and physical health and since we live 90% of our lives indoors, the way our spaces are designed deeply influences our overall wellness.

We’ve talked about how biophilia and biophilic design have a deep effect on our health by making us reconnect to nature and live happier and healthier lives. The 14 patterns of biophilic design guide us to create beautiful indoor spaces that are functional for our well-being. Maximizing sunlight, introducing natural materials, bringing in plants and greenery and mimicking nature through different features like wallpaper, moss wall art and fractal shapes... they all play a key role in creating a nature-based environment where humans can thrive.

Creating serene spaces where to stop, relax and recharge can be done even in smaller spaces. Biophilic interior décor allows to create small relaxing sanctuaries where we can just stop and do what we love, journaling, reading a book, meditating, listening to music, playing an instrument… allowing our brain to slow down by surrounding ourselves with totems of tranquillity. All of it is within reach.

Our mission at Ninfa Studio is for people to be able to create those types of spaces to disconnect from technology and stress and reconnect with themselves through a sensory experience with natural interior décor and moss wall art.

Imagine reading your favorite book in a peaceful and beautiful nook, surrounded by greenery, natural materials, moss art and beautiful décor that soothe your mind at the simple touch, like our stunning moss bowls and miniature moss gardens. The sensorial experience created by this enriched and textural environment plays a fundamental role in our capacity to disconnect from technology and daily busyness, establishing a deeper level of connection with ourselves and nature and feeling more grounded and in the present moment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free exploration call.


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