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Moss and flowers decorative balls

Moss and flowers decorative balls

Decorative moss balls handcrafted with real preserved moss and flowers. This is lush-looking piece of home decor adds a natural element to your interior and it makes an original, handcrafted and luxury gift idea.


Natural preserved moss stays green and does not require any maintenance. It can be gently touched providing a relaxing and soothing feeling while adding a natural and elegant touch to a biophilic interior decor.


Perfect for a modern rustic interior decor, this natural centerpiece is the perfect addition to a console or coffee table or as a workstation decor to take a relaxing break touching the soothing moss texture.


Handcrafted with real botanical elements that have been sustainably harvested and professionally preserved by our European suppliers.


Please note each bowl is one-of-a-kind and their color, texture and size can vary. 


Available in different sizes small to big ranging from 8 to 20 cm in diameter.

    PriceFrom €18.00
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