Moss ladies / gents toilet signs

Moss ladies / gents toilet signs


These one-of-a-kind ladies & gents toilet signs are decorated with real preserved reindeer moss.


A unique interior decor piece and conversation starter to give a striking appearance to your home.


Unique gift idea for your discerning friends who do love original and unique things.


Dimensions: approx 28 x 26.5 cm


Keep it indoor, out of direct sunlight and away from heat or air conditioning and this piece will last years with no maintenance needed.


Not everybody knows that reindeer moss retains some unique features even after the preservation process. This makes its use in interior design going beyond pure aesthetic decoration purposes...​


- Natural sound absorption properties - this makes reindeer moss a popular choice not only in residential interiors but also as office, hotel and spa decor.


​- Air purifying - reindeer moss purifies indoor air even after its preservation. It attracts airbone particles making the air cleaner and life easier for people with certain types of allergies.


​- Humidity absorption - through a constant cycle of absorption and release of ambient moisture, airborne particles and water are absorbed through the air.​


- Fire retardant​


- No insects - preserved moss does not attract insects nor harmful organisms as it's not alive.


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