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Preserved Botanical Ornament

Preserved Botanical Ornament

This handcrafted ornament is made with preserved ferns and other botanical elements that are going to stay green and vibrant for years. It can be used for multiple purposes and multiple times, making it a versatile and sustainable decoration.


Use it to decorate a special gift wrapping for Christmas, as an ornament for a special table set or use your creativity to decorate a centerpiece or  other unique decoration.


Here are some ideas for how to use your preserved botanical ornament:


  • Gift wrapping: Add a touch of nature to your gift wrapping by tying the ornament to a ribbon or attaching it to the gift tag.


  • Table décor: Use the ornament as a centerpiece or place setting accent.


  • Wreath: Add the ornament to a wreath for a festive and natural look.


  • Centerpiece: add the ornament to a centerpiece to give it a touch of unique, botanical elegance.


  • Christmas tree: tie the ornament and hang it to your Christmas tree to add a touch of real natural beauty.


Please remember to use the ornament indoors only as preserved botanicals should not be exposed to high humidity levels.


Each ornament is handmade and therefore unique.


Enjoy the beauty of nature all year round!

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