Preserved Japanese Kokedama

Preserved Japanese Kokedama

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Kokedamas are elegant Japanese bonsai literally meaning “moss balls”. They can be hung or placed on any surface adding a unique piece of greenery to style any home or office. The kokedama is handcrafted in Ireland and the plant can vary based on availability, we usually use different types of ferns or pittosporum.

Living kokedamas require a significant amount of care than most common plants but our preserved kokedamas provide the same fascination and style without the burden of maintenance. They can stay green for years if kept in the right conditions and can be put even in dark corners of the house as they don't need any light or care. They’re also an exotic and unique gift idea. Every plant comes with a care and instructions card so that the recipient is well aware of the zero-maintenance they require.


The moss ball diameter is approx 8-10 cm.

Available in 2 sizes (of plant), small and big (please choose the size in the option below)