Single nature frame

Single nature frame


Beautiful handmade preserved nature frames make you bring real nature indoor to increase wellness and lower your stress levels while adding a unique and beautiful touch to your interior decor.


Each frame is made with real preserved natural elements that can be touched, smelled and enjoyed by all senses every time you pass by. Multiple frames make a spectacular sensory wall composition that will transform your home and make you bring the outdoor in.


Each frame measures 30 x 30 cm


Available natural elements: reindeer moss, flat moss, pole moss, mushrooms, bark


Please choose one of the options below or contact us for custom requests at


Price per frame varies depending on the material used:


Bark: 45 EUR

Mushrooms & Flat moss: 55 EUR

Pole moss & reindeer moss: 65 EUR


The reindeer moss is available in multiple colors based on moss availability. If interested in a color different than green, feel free to ask current availability at


Preserved plants are 100% natural and have been preserved in a sustainable way, they're non-toxic and stay fresh for many years. They require no maintenance, no watering, no particular brightness. Only remember to:


-Keep away of direct sunlight

- Handle plants with care and delicacy (fragile natural plants).

- Avoid rooms with relative humidity above 70%.

- Use these products in interiors where the temperature is not lower than 10° 

- Avoid positioning preserved plants just in front of an air conditioner.


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