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The Timeless Collection

The Timeless Collection

The Timeless Collection is a series of natural birch frames of different sizes capturing real preserved ferns and foliage to create a sleek, timeless design that suits a number of different interior styles.


Different types of leaves and ferns are captured in the frame in a unique design so no frame is going to look the same.


The leaves look suspended and create shadows on the white background based on the different light exposure.


Being preserved, the leaves will stay green. It is advisable to keep the frames indoor and away of direct sunlight, however, differently from other preserved foliage, they can be kept in places with higher humidity levels like bathrooms.


For a unique gift idea, find a matching bookmark of the same Timeless series here.


Available sizes (in cm):


13 x 18


25 x 25


21 x 30


30 x 40


40 x 50


Please select the size in the below option and if you have a preferred design, feel free to specify it in the notes or via email at


    PriceFrom €16.00
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