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Moss and Modernism: Merging Concepts in Wall Art

We live in a time where technology, art, and the environment share similar purposes and synergies that often lead to the production of innovative forms of art. One of those is biophilic art, which stems from the newest plant preservation technologies intersecting with the creativity of avid moss artists and flows into a new, unexplored way to experience nature and art through the senses.

Despite the technological evolution of the contemporary era, moss art still has so many things in common with the artistic movements of the past, where artists were driven by an intense drive for experimentation and creation of something that was never seen before.

modernist painting detail

Since the late 19th century artists started showing a desire for the creation of new forms of art, away from the traditional ones which they considered outdated. This movement was called Modernism and it embraced innovations that touched to many fields, from abstract art to the stream of consciousness in literature to modernist architecture.

Artists like Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh and many others expressed themselves through passionate and fearless experimentation with forms, along with the use of techniques that drew attention to the processes and materials used in creating stunning works of art.

The development of plant preservation techniques and the expansion of the use of moss walls by interior designers - to enjoy the benefits of living close to nature indoors - marked an opportunity for using plants for the creation of artistic works.

Not all plants or types of mosses are suitable for preservation but the use of natural food dying has allowed to preserve some type of plants (mainly reindeer moss and amaranthus) in different colors and shades.

preserved moss wall art in bathroom

At Ninfa Studio we’ve been amongst the first to experiment with the usage of several types of preserved plants and mosses for artistic purposes and to bring our work on the traditional art stage by participating in International juried art competitions and winning several awards.

Ninfa Studio's biophilic art evokes a reconnection with nature, enhancing mental health and well-being. The tri-dimensional aspect of the artwork creates a sensorial experience like no other by connecting people to nature from a strong visual perspective as well as a tactile and olfactory one, a unique way to truly connect with the piece and ultimately with nature itself in the built environment.

award winning reindeer moss art by Ninfa studio

Inspired by abstract representations of natural phenomena and fractals, the organic patterns and colors create a combination of rhythms and fragments that are symbolic of the life force and how everything in nature is connected and diverges towards the same goal, the permanent connection of humans to their innate natural being.

Experience the fusion of moss and modern art at Ninfa Studio by letting us help you design and create your own piece of biophilic moss art for your own living space.


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