Image by Kilyan Sockalingum

After spending over a decade under the artificial lights of the corporate world, I discovered that the root of my discomfort, anxiety and mental health unbalance was being so disconnected from nature. Spending every day in an office, my desk far from the windows, the exposure to natural light in winter was close to zero, I felt unwell and didn’t know why.
When I left my office job, I started to get out more in nature, in search of my true calling. Mother Nature has been a guide, teaching me a new visual language that helped me manage my mental health. I studied biophilic design and how it helps people reduce stress and improve their wellbeing by living closer to the natural world in the built environment.
I started handcrafting moss art for my home, creating soothing pieces inspired by the natural world. I used moss, ferns, mushrooms, plants that kept their vibrancy and textures on my wall, it was an amazing discovery. I loved how they transformed the room and created such a relaxing atmosphere. They made me feel in nature in my own home, this is when I thought this could be something beneficial to anyone.

Ninfa Studio_Paola Di Legge.jpg

I fell in love with the biophilic design concept and I enjoyed so much handcrafting beautiful art using real nature as my brushes that I decided to share this passion with the world.  This is how Ninfa Studio was born. I opened a studio at Marlay Craft Courtyard in Dublin, where I love chatting with people, sharing my love for moss art and natural interior decor and above all, I love listening to their feedback and observing their wowed expressions as they look and touch my moss art.

I work with private clients, retailers, architects and interior designers to find the perfect moss art piece that suits their space. You can meet me at my studio or have a chat over the phone to discuss your unique piece of moss art to make your space a healthy and happy place to live