Image by Kilyan Sockalingum

I'm Paola Di Legge and I created NINFA STUDIO in 2019, when I  discovered the world of biophilic design after spending over a decade under the artificial lights of the corporate world. I personally suffered from being away from nature and enclosed in an office every single day, I felt alienated and stressed and I (later) figured that I was completely disconnected from nature.

When I left my job I started handcrafting moss art for my new home and having real moss and ferns on my walls created such a relaxing atmosphere that I immediately noticed the benefits of living connected to nature again

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I started studying the biophilic design principles and the effects that incorporating natural materials, shapes and textures have on human's mental health. They're so powerful that even looking at a natural landscape on a wall can dramatically increase people's wellbeing.

I was (and still am) so fascinated by this concept and I enjoyed so much handcrafting beautiful art using real nature as my brushes that I decided to share this passion with the world.

I am also a black thumb so I had to offer my fellow plant-killers real plants and flowers that DO NOT WILT! (how cool is that?)

This is how Ninfa Studio* was born, I opened a small studio at Marlay Craft Courtyard in Dublin, where I love welcoming my clients and see their wowed expressions as they enter my studio.

Yes, wowing people with "unconventional nature" is my new mission...

I love to provide free consultations and custom designs to create your perfect natural interior decor, biophilic style!
Your moss art piece will surely become a great focal point and conversation starter with all your guests,
it doesn't only elevate your interior but it improves your overall wellbeing by just looking at it every single day!

Meet me at my studio in Dublin's Marlay Courtyard or have a virtual coffee over Zoom
Looking forward to welcoming you to the biophilic design world!