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What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia is the "hardwired human inclination to affiliate with nature".  ​We spend an alarming 90% of our lives indoors, resulting in a decline in our connections to nature

Biophilic design incorporates nature into the interiors to create restorative and connective spaces, improving stress levels and overall wellbeing, adding cool natural designs to your interiors. It's not just about pots and plants, you can have real pieces of natural art with a huge impact on your wellbeing and your interior decor...

Biophilic design is the latest, innovative, nature-inspired decor chosen by interior designers around the world to decor hotels, offices, spas and residential interiors with a cool mix of art and design that promotes indoor wellness and connects people to the natural world.

Beyond interior decor

The natural elements used in all our home decor gifts, moss frames and preserved flowers have been sustainably harvested and preserved by professionals suppliers based in Europe. During the preservation process the sap of the plant is replaced by a biodegradable liquid that makes them retain the flexibility and vibrancy for years, the only requirements are to keep the plants and flowers indoor, out of direct sunlight and at low humidity levels.

Also, not everybody knows that reindeer moss retains some unique features even after being preserved. This makes its use in interior design going beyond pure aesthetic decoration purposes...

- Natural sound absorption properties - this makes reindeer moss a popular choice not only in residential interiors but also as office decor or hotel and spa main interior feature.

- Air purifying - reindeer moss purifies the indoor air even after its preservation. It attracts airbone particles making the air cleaner and life easier for people with certain types of allergies.

- Humidity absorption  - through a constant cycle of absorption and release of ambient moisture, airborne particles and water are absorbed through the air.

- Fire retardant

- No insects - preserved moss does not attract insects nor harmful organisms as it's not alive.

I love to provide free consultations and custom designs to add greenery, flowers and of course moss art to your interior! It will become a great focal point and surely a conversation started with all your guests, not only elevating your interior but improve your overall wellbeing by just looking at it every single day!

Meet me at my studio in Dublin's Marlay Courtyard or have a virtual coffee over Zoom
Looking forward to welcome you to the biophilic design world!

I'm Paola Di Legge and I created NINFA STUDIO in 2019, when I  discovered the world of biophilic design after spending over a decade under the artificial lights of the corporate world. I personally suffered from being away from nature and enclosed in an office every single day, I felt alienated and sterile and had to wait for the weekend to recharge my spirit in the beauty of nature.

When I left my job I started making moss art as a hobby and as I started decorating my new home with real preserved moss, ferns and greenery on my walls, I noticed the benefits and wellbeing that I felt when I was actually in nature

I started to study how biophilic design and interior decor made of natural materials, shapes and textures affect human's mental health so much that even looking at a natural landscape on a wall can dramatically increase people's wellbeing.

I was (and still am) so fascinated by this concept and I enjoyed so much handcrafting beautiful art using real nature as my brushes that I decided to share this passion with the world.

I am also a black thumb so I had to offer my fellow plant killers real plants and flowers that DO NOT WILT! How cool is that?

This is how Ninfa Studio* was born, I opened a small studio at Marlay Craft Courtyard in Dublin, here I love welcoming my clients and see their wow expressions as they enter  my studio.

Yes, wowing people with alternative style nature is what keeps me going...

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* (in case you're wondering) the name "NINFA STUDIO" comes from my Italian origins (NINFA is the Italian name for nymph). I was born near the beautiful garden of Ninfa, south of Rome, which has been defined by the New York Times as the most beautiful in the world!

I'd be delighted to show you my studio and chat all about nature and any project you have in mind so don't hesitate to contact me, just even to say hello at