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What is biophilia and why it is important

Although the concept of biophilia was born in the 1970's, only recently more and more people are learning about this nature-based design ethos to create happier and healthier spaces for both people and the planet.

Biophilia is our love of nature​ on a deep and fundamental level.

As S​tephen Kellert, Yale University professor, describes it, ​“p​eople possess an inborn need for contact with nature essential to their physical and mental health, productivity and wellbeing. This is something we have called BIOPHILIA.

Satisfying this need for contact with nature in the modern built environment is something we are calling BIOPHILIC DESIGN

PEOPLE's biological need for contact with nature originates in our long history as species​, we evolved in a natural environment so our senses, emotions and even our intellect developed in close association with nature.