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How biophilia can turn lockdown into a staycation!

Nature makes us feel good. If we ask people to describe a place where they feel happy and relaxed, most of them would say a garden, a woodland walk, a picnic by a stream or a magnificent landscape view. Being in nature, looking at nature or interacting with it is the essence of what "biophilia" is, the vital need to be in contact with nature for humans to be content.

people walking in the woods biophilia

Understand biophilia and realize how important it is to walk in the forest or on a beach, breathe clean air and stare beyond the horizon. Even our jars full of wildflowers, the insane amount of driftwoods and garden pots all suddenly make sense, we need nature much more than nature needs us.

lockdown stay home sign

And yet here we are, in the middle of a winter lockdown, few hours of sunlight, frosting cold and everything closed... we've never spent so much time in our home, which is now more than ever, the very core of our existence!

How can biophilia help us in lockdown?

We're not talking about renovating our entire home with the latest sustainability techniques and materials, we're talking about a few little things we can actually change to live more in sync with nature and our environment, in our own home.


An interior filled with plants brings multiple benefits!

Besides the air-cleansing properties, using plants and flowers as interior decor has a powerful effect on our mood and overall well-being. Several studies have shown that interactions with plants reduce psychological and physiological stress and that spaces that include plants boost creativity, productivity and well-being.

Hope moss wall panel with preserved reindeer moss

Even smaller spaces can benefit from houseplants by placing them strategically so that they don't take up much space.

One way is to hang plants from the ceiling, adding character and textures to your interior.

Based on the vibe you're looking for, there are so many options to hang your plants, from macrame hanging planters to the finest biophilic design ones, your home is going to have a fresh and healthy look.

Biophilic design planter from Tom Raffield

Hanging japanese kokedamas is another way to add a statement style that fits perfectly both in informal and in more formal interiors. Preserved kokedamas are evergreen and the ideal solution to save time and the high maintenance needed to keep a real kokedama alive for a reasonable amount of time.


There are several ongoing studies related to the impact that the use of natural materials in building construction and interior décor have on people. What is emerging is that despite different styles, most people respond well to designs and materials that have a strong connection with nature.

biophilic interior design with plants and natural materials

Embracing natural elements is, in fact, another way to bring nature indoors. Beautiful timbers, stones, ceramics, linens, whatever your home style might be, try to replace plastic and industrial materials with natural ones. Go as raw as possible - which doesn't necessarily mean scandi or boho - a more formal and elegant interior is certainly allowed to have beautiful elements of wood, silk, stone or glass. They surely enhance the interior without compromising on natural materials and make us feel more at ease with our environment.


We certainly don't need extensive research to tell us the effect that flowers have on our well-being and mood. Adding fresh flowers to indoor spaces results in a significant reduction in stress and depression while making our interior just beautiful.

preserved flowers

Buying fresh flowers every few days can be daunting and beyond expensive in the long term, in addition to not being sustainable. Fortunately, there are practical solutions that allow us to bring the beauty of fresh flowers at a fraction of the cost: preserved flowers.

A simple vase with preserved flowers or botanicals such as eucalyptus, allows you to add the beauty of flowers and greenery even in the darkest spots. No trims or water changes needed and no need to buy them every week, providing substantial savings with no beauty spared.

We offer a selection of preserved botanicals and a bespoke service of ad-hoc arrangements for your event or special occasion. Contact us to discuss your project.


Research has shown that even just looking at views of nature it's proven to reduce stress, depression and induce relaxation. So why not introduce real nature indoors as a piece of moss wall art?

Thanks to the latest preservation technologies, real plants, moss and lichens can be perfectly preserved to last years, even on a wall! The advantages are not only the lack of whatsoever maintenance for them to stay vibrant for years but also that they do not need any light to thrive, making them a perfect addition to a dark spot where any plant or living thing would not survive!

There is a particular restorative effect on mental fatigue that makes moss wall art particularly good for biophilic home offices. When we focus on a task for a long time on a computer, our attention needs to take a break and recuperate. Even short bursts of looking at a natural view seem to relax people, lower their heart rate, blood pressure and sharpen their concentration. Few short restorative breaks throughout our working day can make a big difference in our overall productivity and well-being.

The other advantage is that you can get a custom-made moss art piece to match your interior style or choose a natural scenery that is particularly inspiring for you. Just contact us at to discuss your project.


If you don't have a chance to immediately get new decor for your home, paint a wall or move things around to make your home look different even with the same furnishings. Moving plants, switching cushions, rearranging furniture, even moving your table or desk to a brighter spot can make all the difference!

Above all, try to stay relaxed, it's your place and you're with your favorite people, make it a retreat and try to do something new every day (ie. even playing a new board game, try a new recipe or watch a new series)... when it will be over, we will have nicer lockdown memories and stories to tell, because we'll get through it safely and all of this will be history!


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