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Biophilic home office - practical tips to create a healthy space

Whether you work from home sporadically or every day, our home offices have become an important space where we spend most of our time so it has to make our day pleasurable and practical.

Nobody wants to recreate a "corporate" space at home, right?

We now have an opportunity to create our ideal space, comfortable, good for our mental health and wellbeing and that promotes productivity.

Biophilic design can hugely help in fostering a serene and healthy environment to work and live in.

Workspace with desk and moss wall art by ninfa studio

Here are some easy and practical tips to make our home office the ideal space to promote a "state of flow" in a natural environment:

Biophilic work desk with views into nature

1. Choose a room with views into nature and place the desk in front of the window to maximize the natural light coming in. Natural light is so important for our mood, wellbeing and vitamin D levels.

Remember to open the window and let air circulate as much as possible to optimize air circulation and improve the Interior Air Quality (IAQ). When the light gets too bright, use light-shaded day & night blinds to manage the light and keep an optimal screen view.

2. Keep things tidy - or at least try! Keep your desk clean and tidy as much as possible, use a cable box to hide those horrible cables, get a cork board to stick your notes and post-its and don't forget to keep a bin handy!

Laptop on desk with plant to increase wellbeing

3. Incorporate natural materials as much as possible, like a wooden desk, a lampshade and rug made of natural fibers like rattan, jute, bamboo or cotton. Natural materials are not only a key principle of any biophilic interior to create a calming and soothing space to reconnect us to the outdoor environment, they're also safer from toxic particles that some furnishing exude and pollute our indoor air.

biophilic workstation with natural materials and wooden and leather accessories

4. Introduce small green decor, like nice little plants that clean the air and you can take care of. If you have a black thumb you can give it a try with air plants or introduce preserved greenery like a beautiful moss garden, a sustainable vase with botanicals or a bunch of preserved eucalyptus. They all add interest, texture and do not require any maintenance!

biophilic interior decor

5. Introduce moss wall art - decorate your walls with nature-themed art. Studies have proven that even looking at wall art with natural motifs or landscapes can significantly reduce stress, clear the mind and improve our mental health and productivity. Our Woodland Landscape moss art is the perfect plant painting to keep in a home office. Having a piece of biophilic artwork allows us to briefly disconnect even during our busiest times, just look up at the wall, take a deep breath and enjoy a little regenerative moment of connection to nature.

Our range of moss art offers something for every wall type, sizes range from small (25x25 cm) to bigger and custom-made. Moss wall art does not attract dust or insects, does not cause allergies, does not require any spray or watering and can be gently touched to get the full sensory experience of nature.

Overall, the goal is to create a calm and serene environment for us to thrive even when we're at home, working on our own. Embracing nature and enjoying small and frequent moments of calm to disconnect from the corporate world can make all the difference for our mental health and stress levels.

If you need help creating a regenerative space by introducing biophilic design in your home or home office, keep our FREE guide "Practical Tips for a Biophilic Home" handy and contact us at

We provide in-person consultations in the greater Dublin area or video calls worldwide.


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