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"Ninety-Nine Green Ideas": Sustainable Living book featuring Moss Wall Art

Have you ever wondered about the origin and impact of the products surrounding you? "Ninety-Nine Green Ideas: 99 Ideas to Create Green Moments for Your Home and Apartment" invites you on a remarkable journey with an award-winning architect-designer couple determined to change our planet's course while spreading love.

And guess what? My very own moss art has been included as one of the 99 green ideas, adding a touch of sustainable elegance to the mix!

Paola Di Legge from Ninfa Studio holding 99 green ideas book

What "99 Green Ideas" is about

The book is not just another coffee table addition; it's an entertaining, inspiring, and educational masterpiece.

In the author's words "This fabulous book kicks off by giving you an insight into the principles of how to make better choices. Moving on to the second part, we’re served with a delectable feast of real-life examples. Just like a buffet, people can take their pick based on what tickles their fancy and aligns with their budget. It’s a gift of love, that creates green moments in many peoples’ life, and that brings together a community of changemakers ready to take action".

Discovering the stories behind the items we use daily is enlightening, but the true magic lies in the practical tips and inspiring ideas that empower readers to make sustainable choices. From eco-friendly household items to green furniture and textiles, this book serves as a roadmap for creating a loving, healthy home that's good for the planet.

Each product featured in the book comes with "Fun Facts" making it a treasure trove of knowledge for sustainability lovers. But it doesn't stop there – it's a comprehensive guide, showcasing how to make better choices for a more sustainable lifestyle and a greener planet.

But what sets "99 Green Ideas" apart is its inclusivity. It's not just a book; it's an invitation to join an exclusive online community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact. Together, readers can share ideas, support one another, and be part of a movement for change.

99 Green ideas book

Meet the Authors

Architect + Interior Designer Couple Marc and Felicity Bernstein are leading experts in the residential and sustainable design industries. Their passion and determination have inspired audiences and fans around the world to feel empowered to become change-makers and to make our world a better place.

FELICITY BERNSTEIN is an inspiring sustainable designer and intuitive interior designer, also known as a highly energetic impact speaker and a transformational coach.

MARC BERNSTEIN-HUSSMANN is a registered architect, cofounder and director of the amazingly green businesses MDS (Melbourne Design Studios), DHA (Dream Home Academy) and award-winning The Hutt PassivHaus with the mission to make the world a greener and happier place.

The duo was featured on Grand Designs Australia, won the AACTA Award for Best Lifestyle and have founded successful and well-known green business brands with decades of industry experience on their hands.

But above all, Marc and Felicity's passion and determination have inspired people around the world to feel encouraged, motivated and empowered to become change-makers, living more sustainably and making our world a better place.

How the Moss Wall Art feature came about

When Felicity approached me via email on an autumn afternoon of 2023, saying that she was scouting beautiful and sustainable products to be featured in her new book about green ideas to live more sustainably. She fell in love with my artwork and would love to feature it as an example of Moss Wall Art... I just could not believe it!

She mentioned that "the book was about green ideas for anyone's home, inspiring our readers to make easy, simple and beautiful choices. Making their homes greener and less toxic, while bringing happiness and health to their lives and to our planet". It was a no-brainer YES!

Ninfa Studio's Biophilic Art feature

Ninfa Studio's feature on 99 green ideas book

"Have you ever owned a sustainable artwork?

This artwork is a beautiful fusion of nature and design, meticulously handmade using entirely organic materials like preserved moss and plants. It requires no irrigation, pruning or regular plant care, making it easy to maintain. But that is not all!

The artwork is not only incredibly beautiful, but it is super environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and allergy-free. It comes with awesome benefits like excellent sound insulation, so you can enjoy a quieter indoor space.

On top of that, it also boasts with fire-resistant properties, giving you peace of mind. With this sustainable moss artwork, you can have it all - beauty, functionality and a greener future"

I thoroughly agree with Felicity and Marc that incorporating moss wall art into your home is not just a design choice; it's a statement of commitment to sustainability. It's a reminder that we can enjoy the beauty of nature while protecting it for future generations.

I can't thank enough Felicity and Marc for the wonderful feature, they also included some witty Fun Facts about moss, but can't spoil it all so you can check them out on the book itself, which is available both as hardcopy and e-book format.

So, are you ready to join the movement and transform your home with biophilic design and sustainable living practices?

Grab your copy of "Ninety-Nine Green Ideas" for some inspo and contact us at Ninfa Studio for some seriously beautiful sustainable moss art and embark on a journey toward a greener, more conscious lifestyle. Together, we can make a difference - one green idea at a time!


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