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Moss Wall Art Maintenance: Keeping Your Greenery Fresh

The question most people wonder when considering to get moss wall art is what type of maintenance is required.

Find all about preserved moss and how to keep it as fresh and vibrant as possible for years to come!

moss wall art by Ninfa Studio

The big advantage of preserved greenery vs a living wall is that preserved plants are 100% real plants that do not require the extensive maintenance needed by living plants.

The process they’ve gone through makes them retain their natural texture and color, however the plant is NOT ALIVE any longer and therefore does NOT need any light or water to stay green and vibrant!

It sounds incredible but it’s true, the maintenance of preserved plants is ZERO! However, to ensure they stay vibrant, there are some tricks you can follow to maximize their lifespan and enjoy the rewarding effect they have on the look and feel of your space and on your mental and physical health:


maintenance and placing of moss wall art indoors

90% of the lifespan of your moss wall depends on the location where it’s going to be placed. The main thing to keep in mind is that preserved plants do NOT like HUMIDITY, this is the reason why they’re not suitable for outdoor spaces, they need to be kept INDOORS ONLY.

The normal humidity levels of most of indoor spaces are good enough, however keep in mind that humidity levels should be lower than 70-80% therefore partly enclosed spaces like a covered patio or similar spaces with a side exposed to the elements would NOT be suitable.


The greatest news for people with a black thumb is that you can enjoy lush greenery without worrying about killing them! The watering issues are gone, NO WATER is required for your moss wall to thrive, NOT EVEN SPRAY! Absolutely nothing, ever.


Listen up, this is the most important requirement for your moss art to last years… DO NOT EXPOSE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT!

Biophilic design workstation with moss art, zen garden, moss bowl and plants
Biophilic workstation by Ninfa Studio

Direct sunlight would discolor and dry the moss and make it ugly and brownish quite soon. The ideal place for your moss wall to achieve its maximum lifespan is a dark spot, like a corridor or a wall with no direct sunlight at any time of the day. Don’t get scared though, indirect light is just fine, curtains diffuse light pretty well so unless there is direct sunlight hitting your moss frame, you’ll be fine!


It’s advisable NOT to hang your moss art frame directly above a radiator or opposite an air conditioner to avoid too much dryness or humidity affecting the plants.


Preserved moss has anti-static properties and therefore does not attract much dust at all through the years. Even Ninfa Studio's oldest moss frames (over 5 yrs old) have never been dusted and look like day 1!

Detail of moss wall art handcrafted by Ninfa Studio

Reindeer moss in particular retains its anti-static properties so you barely need to dust your frame. However, if under special circumstances ie. renovation works – your moss art gets dusted, you can just direct cool air with a hair dryer or gently dust it with a fluffy duster for a quick and painless cleanup.


One of the features of moss art it's their textural aspect and the ability to be touched and experienced with all the senses, therefore touching and feeling the different natural textures of moss and plants are highly encouraged. Just be careful not to pull out the moss or the various plants and ferns that may be attached as they’re still delicate plants and can come out quite easily.


Some types of mosses tend to get brownish earlier than others as they have a natural tendency to dry faster. If after a few years you see that your moss wall art is starting to get brownish, let us know and we can provide a natural green spray to revive your moss.

For any question or doubt about care and maintenance of your moss wall art over the years, feel free to contact us for a chat, advice and service where needed.


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