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DIY Woodland Centerpiece

DIY Woodland Centerpiece

Handcraft your own centerpiece with a mix of preserved mosses, ferns, pine cones, bark and other organic elements. The sensory experience given by the different textures - like the softness of the moss, the intricate fronds of the ferns, and the roughness of the bark - evoke a profound connection to nature.


As you arrange these elements into a centerpiece, you become a creator of a miniature woodland landscape, combining textures, colors, and shapes to bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors. Crafting with these natural elements allows you to infuse your living space with the tranquil and timeless beauty of the natural world.


Perfect to enjoy as a creative project or as a unique gift to a nature-lover friend, this DIY Woodland Centerpiece can be enjoyed for years as all the elements have been naturally preserved to last years with no maintenance needed and can be easily adapted to the changing seasons.


To create your evergreen centerpiece, simply arrange the natural elements on a tray to your liking. You can add a candle or other decorative items to complete the look. Get creative and have fun!



  • Use your creativity to arrange a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that reflects your personal style or gift it to that lovely nature-lover who will be thrilled to arrange it.
  • Enjoy the evergreen beauty of your centerpiece all year long.
  • Reuse your centerpiece in different ways and for different occasions by rearranging the different pieces and adding more seasonal pieces to match the changing vibes.
  • Connect to nature at home with this natural centerpiece that can be touched, rearranged and enjoyed every single day without the hassle of watering, trimming or spraying... it won't wilt! 


How to Use:

  • Arrange the natural elements on a tray to your liking.
  • Add an LED candle, vase, or other decorative items to complete the look.
  • Enjoy your beautiful and unique centerpiece!




  • To create a more polished look, use a glue gun or floral tape to secure the natural elements in place.
  • For a more natural look, simply arrange the elements on the tray and let them fall where they may.
  • Get creative with your centerpiece and add other elements such as air plants, flowers, berries, or even small animals.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process of creating your own unique centerpiece!



Please note the candles or vases in the pictures are NOT included. The moss and the botanicals included may differ from the picture based on availability.


You can select an optional squared unfinished wood tray (30 x 30 cm).

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