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Sensory Gift Box

Sensory Gift Box

​Discover the biophilic​ ​effect with this sensory box, a multi-sensory experience like no other to reconnect to nature in your own home.


​Each product is linked to a specific sensory experience to disconnect from the busy routine and take a nature-break in the middle of work or other indoor activities... to be repeated again and again!


This sustainable gift box contains:


  • 1 explanatory guide of the overall sensory experience and the use of each product
  • 1 moss frame (20 x 20 cm) handcrafted with real preserved moss (sense of TOUCH)
  • 1 set of 15 finest quality pyramid teabags from Irish company Solaris (sense of TASTE)
  • 1 set of 25 back-flow incense cones hand-dipped in pure, natural botanical oils that calm the mind and elevate the senses (sense of SMELL)
  • 1 artisan-made minimalist incense burner that sets the stage for a beautiful dance of smoke from back-flow cones
  • 1 QR code to access a relaxing video including the sounds of the forest (sense of SIGHT AND HEARING)


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