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Moss Wall Art Installation Made Easy: a Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wondered how is moss art supposed to go up on your wall and dreaded some complicated DIY undertakings?

moss wall art installation tricks

Fear not, here are some good news… whatever material, shape and size, your moss art it’s going to be quite light and easy to install!

First things first, preserved moss used for moss art has previously been cleaned of soil and dirt so the actual buns of moss are extremely light. The overall weight – and type of installation - of the final piece of your beautiful moss art is therefore highly dependent on the support used.

Let’s dive into the most common types of support for moss wall art and their installation:


installation of moss wall art at home

If you’ve chosen to frame your beautiful custom-made piece of moss art, then installation is going to be super easy!

Most types of frames come with either a light sawtooth or D-ring picture hangers so the frame can be easily installed with a nail or hook.


preserved moss wall art panel

Some type of moss art is handcrafted on a thin wooden panel with no frame. Also in this case the overall weight is still very manageable with a hook and some D-rings. To minimize damage to the wall, 3M strips are a great way to get a clean and nice job with no nails on your wall.

3M strips come in different sizes based on the weight they bear, they are a tried and tested way to attach a wooden panel in a quick and easy way.


If you’re thinking about having a full moss wall, it will come in several pieces to be installed next to each other to create the final composition. Each piece will likely be on a thin wooden or cork base. Both options are very light and thin and can easily be attached to the wall through adhesive, screws, velcro (or 3M) strips. Once the customer decides their preferred option, each piece is going to be installed just beside each other and the moss artist will then add bits of moss to cover any gap and to ensure a clean and cohesive effect.


Handcrafted moss wall art by Ninfa Studio

In case of an extra-large frame or a special piece made with heavy material ie. a logo sign or a custom-made shape, another option to install your piece is using Z bars.

Z bar for installation of heavy moss wall art

Z brackets or French cleat hangers are heavy-duty picture or mirror hangers that are screwed on both the wall and the original support. They come in different sizes and are included in any of our custom-made moss art commissions that are extra large or heavy.

Whatever the support used, installation of moss art is super easy and we’re happy to provide tips and tricks on your bespoke piece based on your space and preferences. Contact us with any questions you might have and we’re happy to help out!


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