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Moss Wall Art vs. Traditional Art: Making a Statement

“The world, and its beauty, are there waiting for you” write Magsamen and Ross, an evocative last line in their book “Your Brain on Art” showing the happy marriage of science and art and how experiencing art is a full body - full brain necessity for a health-filled, rewarding life.

traditional art exhibition

“When you experience reading poetry or fiction, watching a movie or listening to a piece of music, or moving your body to dance, to name a few of the many arts, you are biologically changed”. The book goes into the details of concepts like neuroplasticity (how our brains have evolved to promote lifelong learning), the importance of enriched environments and our way of deciphering “what you think is beautiful or not, memorable or not, meaningful or not . . . what makes the arts and aesthetics a very personal experience for each of us . . .” Art, in any form, can change our brain and ultimately the way we experience life.

Nature itself has been one of the main sources of inspiration for artists since the beginning of times and as a result, the most stunning pieces of art stem from nature.

With the development of plants preservation techniques, real natural elements have become the brushes for a new way of artistic expression: biophilic art.

Moss wall art gallery exhibition

Moss wall art gives the opportunity to experience the joy of having a piece of artwork on your wall that is handmade with real nature. The main difference between moss art and traditional art stems from the strong textural aspect of moss wall art, which creates a different way to experience and enjoy art itself.

The intense visual impact of biophilic art is supported by a unique sensory experience provided by its strong textural and tri-dimensional aspect. Moss art is not only a visual joy, it can also be touched, smelled and explored with the senses, creating a sensory experience like no other and allowing a stronger connection with nature.

From the artist's standpoint, the process itself of making moss wall art - handling a bun of moss or a fern, cleaning the moss from the soil, cutting the piece to size and finding its place in the artwork - is such a serene and inspiring experience in itself which is transferred into the piece. Nature used as brushes to create something unique sparks an amazing flow of creativity that is reflected in the final piece.

Ninfa Studio also creates sensory walls, combining a variety of organic textures and colors to stimulate the senses through the touch and smell of a multitude of natural materials. From the fluffiness of reindeer moss to the dryness of bark, from the patterned dried mushrooms to the softness of the moss textures. Our sensory walls have flourished in private homes as well as offices, commercial and healthcare sectors. Our first sensory wall was installed in a nursing home, with an amazing feedback on the effects on the patients: “We’re delighted to have these wonderful sensory wall art in our nursing home, they are amazing tactile pieces for our residents to enjoy visually and tactically. Thank you for bringing nature indoors in a meaningful way”.

Other interesting insights from our corporate clients indicate that biophilic art in the workplace is like a “breath of fresh air” for the employees, who find it “restorative and stimulating” at the same time. Employers also found in moss art the ideal choice to create regenerative spaces for employees to soothe the minds and spirits within the building. In addition to the much-proven benefits of biophilic design on employee’s productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing, our corporate clients mentioned that moss art is “a beautiful way to feed their soul, the tactile experience is a unique feature that everybody appreciate, nobody ever gets bored or offended by nature, it’s a perfect example of inclusivity in office design”.

The benefits of moss art in a biophilic designed space can be enjoyed at home too by introducing a few key pieces of natural interior décor and wall art.

Look at our interview with The Biophilic Hub where our moss artist Paola Di Legge talks all about Biophilic Art, Sensory-based design, her career as moss artist and much more insights into the world of preserved moss wall art.

Contact us for a free consultation and design of your nature-inspired interior and bespoke creation of your stunning piece of moss art.


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