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Earthen Light

Earthen Light

"Earthen Light" celebrates nature as our guiding light for a future where humans live as one with nature. The radiance prevails over the darkness, emphasizing the enduring power of life and the unique light that Earth itself emits.


Entirely handcrafted with reindeer moss, this piece not only adds a tactile and organic dimension to the artwork but also alludes to the resilience and adaptability required for humans to coexist harmoniously with the environment.


Carefully handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland using real preserved moss that does not require any maintenance staying fresh and vibrant even in dark spaces where living plants would not survive. Reindeer moss is the longest-lasting type of preserved moss and a piece of moss artwork like this lasts over 10 years when kept in the right conditions (see "Care and Maintenance" section below).


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying the original artwork, the use of professionally preserved plants and includes the title, dimensions, date of completion and artist's signature.


Size: 70 x 70 cm


Care and maintenance of moss wall art:


- Our premium mosses have been professionally preserved using non-toxic, organic liquids that make them stay flexible for several years.

- They're safe for both humans and pets.

- They do NOT require any maintenance (no watering, spraying or trimming are needed).

- They do not like humidity (avoid rooms with humidity above 70%) and do NOT expose to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

- Avoid positioning just above a radiator or in front of an air conditioner.


Moss can be gently touched with clean hands to experience a stronger connection to nature indoors, do not pull the moss from the frame.


To learn more about moss wall art care and maintenance or for tips on moss art installation, please visit our blog.

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