Woodland Sanctuary

Woodland Sanctuary


Woodland Sanctuary literally brings a piece of nature to your interior. Carefully handmade in Dublin using preserved botanicals, this evergreen piece of moss art is sure to become a conversation starter.


100% natural elements such as moss, shelf mushrooms, several types of ferns and foliages make this a unique piece of natural wall art that stays fresh for years with ZERO MAINTENANCE needed. Suited for any modern, boho or contemporary interior, this is a one-of-a-kind example of biophilic interior design.


Made to order, please note the foliage and design may differ from the picture as each piece is unique.


Measures: 54 x 74 cm


Care and maintenance:


Preserved plants are 100% natural. They require no maintenance, no watering, no particular brightness. They keep their freshness and flexibility for several years.


  • Handle plants with care and delicacy (fragile natural plants).
  • Avoid rooms with relative humidity above 70%.

  • Use these products in interiors where the temperature is not lower than 10 ° C.

  • Avoid positioning preserved plants just in front of an air conditioner.