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Woodland Sanctuary

Woodland Sanctuary

Woodland Sanctuary lets you bring a forest feel into your home or office.  Being made of real plants, the many natural details of this green piece of wall art will catch your eye and become a focal piece and conversation starter. 


Greenery is proven to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, reducing stress and improving your overall well-being adding liveliness to your home at the same time.


Carefully handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland using real preserved moss, ferns and other natural elements, this piece of moss art will last several years with no maintenance needed, suited for dark rooms or corridors, where plants would not survive.


Please note the foliage and design may differ from the picture as each piece is unique.


Available sizes in a white frame (wood effect):


60 x 30 cm

80 x 30 cm

100 x 30 cm

60 x 60 cm

70 x 70 cm


Smaller sizes are available here. For custom sizes or different frame colors, please contact us at for a quote.


CLICK HERE to view it (50 x 70 cm) in your room with Augmented Reality (AR)



Care and maintenance:


Our premium mosses have been professionally preserved using non-toxic, organic liquids that make them stay flexible for several years.


They're safe for both humans and pets.


They do NOT require any maintenance (no watering, spraying or trimming are needed).


They do not like humidity (avoid rooms with humidity above 70%) and do NOT expose to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.


Moss can be gently touched with clean hands, do not pull the moss from the frame.


Avoid positioning just above a radiator or in front of an air conditioner.


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying the original artwork, the use of professionally preserved plants and includes the title, dimensions, date of completion and artist's signature.

  • Care Instructions

    Our premium mosses have been professionally preserved using non-toxic, organic liquids. They do NOT require any maintenance (no watering, spraying or trimming are needed).

    However there are some things you can do to help them stay fresh and vibrant for years to come - see Moss Wall Art Maintenance

PriceFrom €190.00
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