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Biophilic office design - nature in the workplace

Biophilic Design is a human-centered approach aimed at improving our connection to nature and natural processes in the buildings where we live and work. This improved connection can benefit our wellbeing by reducing stress and improving recuperation – helping to cut costs and improve outcomes in the built environment. More than just a new design trend, Biophilic Design should be seen as a universal design ethos – after all, at some point in our lives we’ve all had positive experiences of nature. So, implementing it isn’t necessarily about spending money, but recognizing the many ways that we can connect to nature through the culture and design of spaces that are so important to us.”

OLIVER HEATH, Director of Oliver Heath Design

Biophilic office decor and preserved reindeer moss  wall art for office decor
A biophilic office in Dublin city-centre

Biophilic Design offers an approach to creating spaces that respond to our innate human attraction to nature. No matter where they are, people crave natural light, peace, quiet, and above all, the opportunity to feel closer to nature.

As a consequence, workplaces that introduce elements inspired by nature like wooden furniture, plants, organic-shaped and textural elements as well as green decor such as moss wall art, will have happier, healthier and more productive employees.


Studies* have shown that the implementation of biophilic design in the workplace – including retail, hospitality and educational sectors – not only affects the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors alike but also creates substantial savings and profits for businesses that stem from improving the health and wellbeing of the building occupants.

Biophilic office design is proven to foster greater happiness and creativity, increasing productivity, reducing stress and as a consequence reducing absenteeism and increasing staff retention.

Studies have shown that in 2013 employee depression in Europe was estimated to cost to businesses a staggering €617 billion annually.

Researches also showed how the addition of greenery or views of nature in an office environment could:

- Prevent fatigue

- Reduce absenteeism by 15%

- Increase performance by 10% to 25%

- Increase wellbeing by 15%, productivity by 6% and creativity by 15%

Within the hospitality sector, hotels and restaurants that introduce biophilic design elements reduce stress levels of their guests and staff, whilst commanding higher returns on spaces with nature connections.

- Hotels increase profits by charging extra for rooms with views to natural landscapes

- Hotel guests spend 36% more time in biophilic hotel lobbies, therefore consuming goods within the hotel

Within the education sector, biophilic design applied to schools can drastically reduce the impacts of cognitive fatigue, stress and ADHD in students and staff, improving performance and retention.

Creating naturalized learning spaces for students can:

- Enhance their cognitive abilities and increase ability to focus

- Reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

- Increase physical activity, nutrition and creativity

- Reduce stress

* Source: Creating positive spaces using biophilic design whitepaper


Interior designers know very well how challenging it is to find the right type of artwork for workplaces. The right colors, the subject, the message it conveys... Wall art creates an atmosphere, it reflects the ethos and style of the space and it has to please the majority of people... well, they certainly can't go wrong with nature!

Nature speaks a universal language, it connects to our deepest needs, it truly is a healing force and can help relieve stress and restore mental health.

The types of preserved moss available allow for the creation of wonderful artworks where brush strokes are made of natural elements that stay fresh for years with no maintenance needed!

Preserved botanical art really is a sustainable and striking way to introduce real nature into a biophilic interior with the added benefit of allowing an easy installation even in dark spaces where living plants would not survive.

Being completely handcrafted and custom-made, moss wall art allows endless possibilities to perfectly match the interior palette and style, contributing to foster that sense of connection to nature that is at the core of the biophilic design ethos.

Feel free to contact us to discuss a custom-made piece of preserved botanical art for your space.