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​Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland with 100% natural materials such as cork bark, preserved reindeer moss and amaranthus plant, this unique piece of moss wall art is all about textures and contrasts.


The hard and rough bark at the center is surrounded by a variety of textures that go from the hardness of amaranthus to the softness of reindeer moss.


The bark symbolizes our earthy being. All around it, the life energies, blending from the darker and harder textures to the lighter and softer ones -  shape who we are, smoothing our edges and wrapping our perfectly round core in a soft hug.


This one-of-a-kind piece measures 70x70 cm and comes in a white wooden frame, ready to be hung.


​Preserved plants do not need any maintenance, they last several years when kept indoors and protected by direct sunlight, humidity and heat sources.​


​This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying the original artwork, and the use of professionally preserved plants. It includes the title, dimensions, date of completion and artist's signature.

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