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"Connections" is a representation of the interconnectedness of all things.


The vortex design, with its spiraling fragments of color, suggests the movement of energy and the flow of information throughout the universe. The use of white at the center represents the source of all creation, while the gradual darkening of the colors towards the edges represents the manifestation of that energy in the physical world.


The use of preserved reindeer moss and preserved amaranth is significant. Reindeer moss is a hardy and resilient plant that can survive in even the most extreme conditions. It is a symbol of strength, perseverance, and hope. Amaranth is a grain that was considered sacred by the Aztecs. It is a symbol of abundance, fertility, and the cycle of life.


This biophilic piece of interior decor is suited for modern residential and commercial spaces where nature becomes the big, focal point.


It doesn't need any maintenance and it lasts several years when kept indoors and protected by direct sunlight, humidity and heat sources.


It comes in a white wooden frame, size: 60 x 60 cm


This piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying the original artwork, and the use of professionally preserved plants. It includes the title, dimensions, date of completion and artist's signature.




Care and maintenance of moss wall art:


- Our premium mosses have been professionally preserved using non-toxic, organic liquids that make them stay flexible for several years.

- They're safe for both humans and pets.

- They do NOT require any maintenance (no watering, spraying or trimming are needed).

- They do not like humidity (avoid rooms with humidity above 70%) and do NOT expose to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

- Avoid positioning just above a radiator or in front of an air conditioner.


To learn more about moss wall art care and maintenance or for tips on moss art installation, please visit our blog.

  • Care Instructions

    Our premium mosses have been professionally preserved using non-toxic, organic liquids. They do NOT require any maintenance (no watering, spraying or trimming are needed).

    However there are some things you can do to help them stay fresh and vibrant for years to come - see Moss Wall Art Maintenance

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