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Moss Art FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Moss art has exploded in popularity, and for good reason! It brings the serenity of nature indoors, it brings an incredible aesthetic versatility and aligns perfectly with a sustainable lifestyle. As so many people are curious about preserved moss, how to maintain a moss wall, where to install a moss frame and much more... here is a brief guide on the most common moss art FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)!

What is moss art?

Moss art is an innovative and environmentally friendly art form that combines the beauty of nature with artistic expression. Moss art utilizes preserved moss, meticulously arranged on frames or panels to create stunning, low-maintenance art pieces. It's an exciting intersection of design, sustainability, and biophilic aesthetics. This unconventional art form combines the striking look of a modern piece of art with the intense sensory experience of the colors and textures of nature on the wall. The lush, vibrant colors and textures of moss wall art can transform any space into a serene oasis.

What are the benefits of moss art?

Beyond its undeniable beauty, moss art offers a series of advantages:

  • Biophilic Design: Moss art embodies biophilic design principles, fostering a sense of well-being by bringing nature indoors. Studies show it can reduce stress, improve mood, lower blood pressure and even enhance productivity and cognitive function.

  • Versatility: Moss art complements any design style, from modern minimalism to rustic charm.

Is moss art real moss?

Yes! The moss used in art is absolutely real and natural, sustainably harvested by hand and professionally preserved through a special process that maintains its lush texture and vibrant color for years to come.

Does moss art need maintenance?

No! Preserved moss art requires no maintenance as the moss is no longer living, it does not need any watering, sunlight, pruning or misting. Moss wall frames don't even attract much dust, however, depending on the location where they're installed, they may accumulate a bit of dust which can be gently removed with a soft cloth or a cool air blow (from a common hairdryer).

Where can I install a moss wall?

Preserved moss has to be kept indoors, this is the main requirement of any moss wall or moss art made with preserved moss and plants. To maximize the lifespan of your moss art, please keep it out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat/air conditioning sources. If you place your moss art on a dark spot like a corridor, it will thrive for many years while adding a green touch to a place where living plants would not survive!

How to hang a moss panel or moss frame?

Preserved moss is very light so a standard-size frame or panel can be easily hung on any type of wall with standard hanging hooks or 3M strips. Extra large moss frames or panels may require different tools, read more details in our moss wall art installation blog post.

Is moss art suitable for a bathroom?

Yes and no! Preserved moss doesn't thrive in humid spaces (which is why it has to be kept indoors), therefore a bathroom where people take showers would not be the best choice. However, it would suit a small guest bathroom with no shower in sight!

Is moss art safe for people with allergies?

Yes! Preserved moss is no longer living so it's completely safe for people with allergies and hayfever.

How long does moss art last?

This is the number 1 moss art FAQ for a moss artist! The duration of a moss wall is highly dependent on the type of preserved moss used and the conditions in which the moss frame is kept. Under ideal conditions (indoors, out of direct sunlight, in low humidity and no touching), most preserved moss art frame last at least 4-5 years while preserved reindeer moss stays vibrant for at least 10 years.

Every product in our online store has a description including the types of organic materials and preserved moss used, for specific questions on preserved moss or plants, do not hesitate to contact us.

Does moss art grow?

Nope! Preserved moss is no longer living so it doesn't grow and it stays exactly as it is, with no need for pruning or worries about watering. It's an evergreen delight, especially for people with a black thumb!

How much does moss art cost?

The cost of moss art varies depending on size, materials, complexity, and customization. Browse our biophilic art gallery to get a pricing idea, or contact us for a personalized quote.

Does moss art need watering?

Nope! Preserved moss art requires no watering, making it perfect for busy lifestyles or forgetful plant parents.

Where can I buy moss art?

You can find many moss artists online, do some research, read the way they work (making sure they actually handcraft the piece vs factory-made moss panels). It's also important to check that they use sustainably harvested moss and eco-friendly materials and packaging.

At Ninfa Studio we specialize in creating unique pieces of Biophilic Art & Sustainable Decor that blend seamlessly with your interior, transforming it into a calming, restorative, and inspiring space through the use of premium preserved mosses that stay vibrant for years with no maintenance needed.

Every moss artist has its own style, just like painters, get inspired by unique moss art designs and don't be afraid to ask for a custom-made piece!

Ready to transform your space with moss art?

At Ninfa Studio we're passionate about handcrafting one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring moss art pieces. We only use ethically sourced preserved moss and are happy to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Explore our biophilic art collection to get inspired and discover how moss art can transform your space. We also offer free consultations and custom designs to craft the perfect piece for your needs.

If you have any more questions you'd like to be answered, leave a comment or email us at


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